Edge makes Heroku apps faster, cheaper and more secure.

Speed up your Heroku app with the AWS CloudFront Content Delivery Network. Cache your content around the globe and your users will see faster response times and your app will serve less requests.

Edge Features

Global Content Delivery

Distribute your app contents across a global network in 24 countries.

Cache Static Assets

Speed up delivery of static assets by caching them around the world.

Reduce Latency

Reduce latency by serving content from the nearest location.

Reduce Load

Reduces load by serving contents from the CDN, not your dynos.


Utilize the HTTP/2 protocol with your app.

Increase Security

Use the highest security SSL/TLS encryption and DDOS protection.

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Heroku + CloudFront


Edge is currently free for beta testers!


$25 /month

  • More bandwidth
  • More requests

Coming Soon


$0 /month

  • 1 custom domain
  • 1 SSL certificate
  • 1 GB bandwidth
  • 100k requests

Install on Heroku


$250 /month

  • More bandwidth
  • More domains

Coming Soon